‘the fruits of your labour’

Using the expression ‘the fruits of your labour’ made me realise if you enjoy your job then you see the work as the fruit rather than the money, the experience of doing something you enjoy can often blind you to the value of what you do

New Polyspiral website is now live

It was a long while coming. I finally got time to recreate the Polyspiral website. It needed optimising for mobile or in web speak making responsive. It also needed simplifying. So I’ve spent Christmas and the last few weekends building and finishing it. With some help from my lovely friend Anne Walker of WeTutorUK with the text, I find it so hard to write about what I do, even though I know it inside out. Perhaps when you’re very close to something it makes it difficult to describe from the point of view of someone who isn’t.

Let me know what you think of the website:  www.polyspiral.com