We can’t let the extremists control what we do, nutters will always exist. I call it the arse hole percentage, within every group of people, be it religious, political even musical genre there is a tiny minority who have it so wrong they think forcing people often with violence to believe what they do, or to exterminate and torture those that don’t believe or fit in is some how a righteous, totally blinkered to outside views. The cycle of hate is made worse by people naively believing the AH percentage really do represent that group, and become prejudiced towards that group, becoming extremist in their views.

I don’t have all the answers, I don’t know how you stop people becoming radicalised, I don’t know how to cure or prevent extremism. All I know is we must find a way.

All you can do is not allow anything negative to control your life, help what you can help and let go of what you can’t, we all deserve a happy life, I’ve learnt that from experience.
I still do battle with self doubt every day from negative experiences I had in the past, which I struggle to let go of, working to let go has made me more healthier mentally and physically than holding on and allowing bitterness to creep in.

Life is short, go with your heart, without fear, embrace life.