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  • Tescos organic food, non recyclable packaging

    Shame on you Tesco

    image image image

    When we buy organic its for two reasons environment and health. So why are you wrapping this lovely produce in non-recyclable plastic!

  • Home made yummies

    Home made pizza


    Banana ice cream with dairy free choc spread

  • I just love this piece of retro futuristic art by Aaron Wood


  • Dogs in gardens in Acton, Sudbury

    A request to all those with dogs in Acton, Sudbury, Suffolk.
    I go to bed really early, because I get up early, sometimes that’s about 9.30pm.
    I am a self employed person and work really hard.
    I love dogs as much as anyone and I understand leaving them outside is fun and exercise for them. But please be mindful that they will bark, even the odd ‘woof’ is enough to wake a person up or interrupt falling asleep. Especially in the hot weather where having the window open is a must when you need to sleep comfortably. Even ear plugs are not enough to prevent the sound of barking getting through, and waring them every night makes my ears really saw.

    Last night, as result, several dogs in near by gardens were left out till about 11pm, that might not seem late to you, but if like me you work hard and look after yourself by getting enough sleep, then this is a real problem in the hot weather. It’s not fair to be either boiled alive in one’s own sweat or repeatedly woken, resulting in not being able to fall asleep till 1.30am, doing a days work on four and a half hours of sleep really isn’t an easy thing to do. A lack of sleep can cause health issues to.

    So dog owners please be considerate to other poeple. Something as seemingly harmless as leaving your dog out late can cause sleep deprivation, health issues and for the self employed – productivity and thus income. By all means let your dogs out so that van relieve themselves, but please bring your dogs in by at least 9.30pm for the sake of other poeple as I’m sure I’m not the only one this is affecting.

  • Organic vegan chocolate spread



    Organic coconut oil, organic coconut and organic set honey mix to taste

  • Organic produce wrapped in plastic!



    When you’re trying to do right by the environment and your body and the supermarket sabotages your attempt by forcing you to buy stuff in plastic.

    Not only that the packaging isn’t even recyclable


    Waitrose why?

  • Brita excess plastic packaging


    It’s bad enough there isn’t a plastic free way of filtering my tap water (please contact me if you know otherwise) but to then wrap the filters in the box with MORE plastic packaging is totally unnecessary!

  • Last day in Pembrokeshire


    image image image image

    A fossil

    image image
  • Plastic!


    My holiday has been fab. But I have seen some of this on the nealy perfect Welsh coast.  It either was washed up or did someone leave it there? Either way why can’t people refill their water bottles and make sure they take home thier rubbish? 

  • Mussel Beach, Marloes, Wales

    Tide was in still beautiful:

    image image image image